DIY Landscaping Tips

DIY Landscaping Tips

diy landscaping tips DIY Landscaping Tips Looking to beautify your yard, but unsure of the best way to go about it? There are many factors to consider when it comes to DIY Landscaping such as skills, budget, regional climate, and personal taste, and how you will want to use your yard.  When it comes to do it yourself landscaping, this post should provide you with some can’t miss tips to have the best yard in town.

When planning your design, be sure to plan with all four seasons in mind.  Incorporate something of interest to each of the four seasons.  DIY Landscaping, with the 4 seasons in mind, will require a well thought out and executed plan.  Your end goal will be to have shrubs and trees that will flower nicely throughout the spring and summer, in autumn give you a nice fall foliage, and with good winter structure as well.

A good diy landscaping tip, is to layer the flower beds while planting.  Usually layering in 3 rows is best.  Plant your flowers from back to front, from tallest to shortest. Be sure to do this in a repetitive fashion, both in planting beds, and in other parts of the yard, to give some unity and pull everything together. Another diy landscaping tip is to include evergreens and foliage plants to give you some great continuity.  While your foliage will give nice color and variety, the evergreens will give you nice continuity.

The 4th DIY landscaping Tip is plant annuals to  compliment  the color of perennials. Perennials are great for the flower beds, will only bloom for so long.  What you have blooming in May, may not show anything again till July.  By incorporating the annual flowers, you will achieve color in the yard all season.  This is one of my favorite DIY landscaping tips.

More DIY Landscaping Tips

diy landscaping tips 1 DIY Landscaping TipsWhen designing your dream landscape, don’t just limit yourself to plants, but be sure to include hardscape features as well.  Fences, walls and lattice work make a great statement in your landscape. Arbors and decks are great features to work into your diy landscape.

Another way to add some eye catching detail, is to add a water feature. The anchor of a great landscape design is its focal points. diy landscaping tips 2 300x224 DIY Landscaping Tips A water feature is possibly one of the best focal points you can add. Not only does it offer visual appeal, but it is will offer soothing sound as well. Outdoor fountains and ponds are fairly easy to install and are less expensive  than one might think.   Out of all the diy landscaping designs, this is possibly the most important feature for your backyard retreat.


Diy Landscaping Tips

A couple other diy landscaping tips to consider when planning your grand design, is to select products and features that require low maintenance. You want to be able to enjoy your back yard, not spend hours upon hours on your days off maintaining your yard.  Another thing to consider especially for a hot summer climate is drought resistant plants.  You will want to select plants that will stand up to the hot sun, not burn up and wilt.


In summary, if you are planning on doing your own landscaping, these diy landscaping tips will help you achieve the outdoor space that you desire.

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